Welcome to my WordPress Blog

We are all on a journey moving through the cycles of life. My journey has taught me many lessons that have empowered me to heal and to help. I would like to use this blog to encourage others to walk with me so we can share what we are learning.

Many of my life lessons have been taught to me through single parenting my two chosen daughters. I will call my seventeen year old , T, and my fifteen year old, J.  I have also been an elementary classroom teacher for thirty years. Twenty of those years were living and working in First Nations communities. I have learned most of my survival skills from the children I have raised and work with on a daily basis. I will post each Sunday, what I have learned throughout the week. I enjoy the sense of community and  affirmation I receive when I read of how other parents and teachers navigate the bumps and slippery spots on the path of life. I am excited to learn with you.