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photo created by Justina Voth


I  recently went to see the movie Noah. The critics have done a good job of highlighting the positives and negatives of the movie so I won’t get into that. I was struck with the silence of God in the movie. Both Noah and Cain begged God to reveal himself, but in spite of their passionate pleading they just received silence and were left with their own assumptions.

I have interacted with people who use silence to control me or to punish me. I have lost my confidence in the silence. I have had times in my life when I felt like God was silent. I have wondered why others can have spiritual revelations and I am left feeling alone and rejected. Silence is often associated with darkness or the eerie calm before the storm.

I have also experienced silence as I stood watching snowflakes flutter to the ground and cover all the deadness of fall with a white blanket. I have experienced the silence after the drip, drip, drip of the tap has been fixed. I have experienced the silence of a baby sleeping after crying for hours.

The silence associated with darkness causes confusion and disharmony. It is empty and dead. There have been times while raising teenagers where the silence between us has been loud and painful. Usually because of my misunderstanding of their needs and them hiding their true feelings. Often the silence of unspoken pain is the catalyst that breaks the silence.

I have experienced the peaceful silence when sitting with a friend and creating crafts. I have found comfort in sitting in silence beside the river after a too busy season in my life. I have experienced the humorous silence after I have said something to the wrong person in the wrong place.  Have you ever seen the look on a strangers face after you ask them what they want to drink with their meal while thinking you are talking to your child who is across the restaurant looking at a toy in the display box?

In the Biblical story of Noah, he clearly hears from God who loves him.  As I journey on the path of life, I chose to sit quietly, patiently waiting  for the peace found in a God whom is not silent and whom can fill the silence with the assurance of His love.