Audacious Faith


I am in the process of reading  Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick. The reason I am reading it is because I need Audacious Faith. The kind of faith like my ancestors had. The kind of faith that caused Abraham to leave his home and follow God into the promised land. The kind of faith that gave Sarah a child in her old age. The kind of faith Joshua had when he took down the walls of Jericho.

Sixteen years ago, God gave me a daughter. I knew from my experience as an elementary school teacher I was knowledgeable about how to interact with children ages 3-10 but I had very little experience with newborns or tweens and teens. God’s grace is amazing. During those early years, he provided me with just the right person my daughter and I needed to move through the unknown challenges of single parenting. Later when we welcomed my second daughter into our lives, God proved once again how He can change the destiny of a person’s life by changing their heart.

When I had the vision of being a mother I knew there would be challenges but if I had known the obstacles I needed to overcome, I don’t think I would have believed in my dream. Now here I am raising two teenager daughters. My main goal as a parent is to show them how faithful and authentic God is.

I thought I was rescuing them from their First Nations cycle of poverty and violence. In truth, they rescued me from myself. It was through parenting these beautiful Ojibway princesses that I realized the lies that held me, and also held them. When I took them into my heart, God used them to chip away at the prejudice and judgmental places in my soul. Although the shaping of my soul has been painful, I wouldn’t change that experience for anything. We didn’t live close to family support, but God always provided who we needed to love us and be there for us. God has shown His love to us in ways I would never have asked for or imagined. I understand more of Jesus’ love for me and I want my daughters to know how much He loves them.

Through opening my heart to my daughters, God has taught me what it means to be a part of his family. My daughters are old enough to make their own decisions for their lives and they don’t always make the choices I would make for them. I have learned that I can ask others to pray for them, but no one knows them like I do, so no one can fight for them the way my mother’s heart can. I need to have audacious faith in a God who can move in their lives and accomplish His purpose for their lives. In a world where artificial cyber-friends are replacing real messy relationships, Jesus is still relevant and authentic. If I have faith to believe in that God still moves in extraordinary ways in the lives of ordinary people, then maybe my example will lead them to discover their own audacious faith in a God who loves them beyond measure and who has an amazing plan for them in this world.

I started this blog as more of a celebration of my journey on the path with God. But I realize I am writing to real people.. Lately I have been receiving a lot of spam in my comment bank. I can’t really expect people to subscribe to my blog if I am not meeting their needs. If you have a topic that you would like me to explore further, please leave a comment. Your input  will help me to become a better writer. I look forward to hearing from you.