Out of Control

I hired a pool company to get our pool ready for the swimming season. The arrangement was for them to come at four o’clock after I returned from work. At eleven o’clock in the morning, while I was teaching math to a group of very energetic grade one students, I noticed my cell phone lit up with multiple texts. Apparently the pool people arrived earlier than planned. They broke into the back yard and rummaged through my garage to find the supplies they needed to do the job I had hired them for. I felt
violated and unprepared. IMG_0484

When I got home, I was inspecting their work and I noticed that the garden hose was turned on. Although it had a nozzle on the end, it was turned on at the main source. When my daughter tried to turn it off, she discovered that the outside faucet was broken. She tried to the best of her ability to use a wrench to turn off the water. I knew we had a shut off valve inside the house, but this involved standing on the dryer and bending her head in an unnatural angle. When my daughters tried to maneuver their bodies into the tiny space to turn the shut off valve, they were unable to turn it. So here we were with the outside hose spraying water all over the lawn and unable to turn off the faucets that controlled the water. I had not yet discovered the main shut off for the entire house. IMG_0483

After a quick prayer for help, I called a plumber. God answered my prayer. Within five minutes, the plumber arrived. He replaced the outside faucet. Confirmed that the inside shut off valve needs replacing. And showed me where the main shut off is located.

I am fuming over the costs of the day. The pool company broke the outside faucet but refused to take responsibility for it.

Upon reflection, God has been trying to get my attention for months now. The impression I get is that I have something inside me that needs to flow out. I am an introvert by nature. Every time I think I have the confidence to open the tap, I welcome an interference and ignore the pressure building up on the inside. When I experienced the agony of not being able to control the water flow, I was given the strong impression that if I don’t willingly pour into others what God had poured into me, He will break me so the flow can not be contained. IMG_0481

I want to be obedient to God’s call, but sometimes I get so confused. There are voices everywhere telling me what a good christian girl looks like. When I shut out the voices and get one on one with my Bible and God’s message to me. My heart confirms that God is God. He is in control. He is good. He is love. And His love has power that the world can not offer.

Now I have a shiny new tap on the outside of my house. As I journey on the path of life,I want to be a shiny vessel that pours life in the lives around me. Will you walk this path with me and cheer me on?