The Storm

There is something exhilarating – life giving- to be on an adventure with Jesus. She  reflected on what was going to be an ordinary day with a few relaxing moments. She had escaped the housework along with her parental duties to sit on the dock to soak in some sun before tackling the laundry. Jesus met her on the dock and turned her escape into an amazing adventure. Now He was steering the boat away from the safety of the shore and out into the deep water.

The scary part of being with Jesus is never knowing where He is going. And then there is the problem of the big clouds gathering in the distance. She knows they will ride straight into that storm. She contemplated asking Jesus to turn the boat around, but she had been with Him before and knew this would make a good story if she survived.

As they move further from the harbor, the waves get bigger. Jesus gently says to her,“Keep your eyes on me, not on the storm”. She tries she really does. Every time a another wall of water crashes against the boat and sprays her face with cold water, it startles her and soon all she can think about is how fast her heart is beating. She holds her breathe and tries not to scream out loud. She wants to trust the One who is in the driver’s seat, but panic is setting in.

The clouds are dark, ominous and threatening, nothing like the wisps of fluffy cotton balls she was looking at from the dock. They give her an erie feeling as she looks up at them. The foggy abyss envelopes them and she can’t see Jesus’ face. Every once in a while, there is a flash of lightning and then she can catches a quick glimpse of His eyes through the lonely darkness. He is calm and relaxed and has His eyes locked on her. The evening air feels more like a black hole after each flash of lightning. As the storm comes closer, the lightning strikes more frequently and she catches more glimpses of His face. He is not worried at all. His face is turned toward the storm with a quiet authority. He seems to be enjoying the storm. Even as the boat is tossed side to side and the waves are huge, His expression never changes.

He knew where He was taking her and she feels loved to know that she has been chosen to go on this wild ride with Him. She choose to get into the boat and she wants to be with Him. She needs Him in the storm. Even when she doesn’t see Him, she needs Him.


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