Peace after the storm

She kept her eyes focused on Jesus and just as quickly as the storm had started, it passed. She sat shaking from the adrenaline rush and began to realize that she was soaked from the big waves that had ascended on the boat in the storm. The bright warm sun was now starting to disappear behind the horizon. A few stars began to make their presence known in the evening sky. She wrapped her arms around her shoulders and huddled on her seat trying to make herself small.

Jesus beckoned her to move closer to Him. She leaned forward as if to move and then pulled her shoulders back. She looked closely at Jesus and her head went down. She wanted to be close to Him but He was so confident and she was so inadequate. He whispered her name and she lifted her head slightly to look at His face. His eyes were filled with such love and acceptance.

He seemed to sense the struggle within her and patiently waited while she decided what she would do. He was dry and safe. She was wet, cold and vulnerable. She would be foolish not to move into the warmth He offered. With another quick glance into His eyes, she moved from her isolation into the warmth of His arms. They sat together enjoying each others presence as the sun set and the moon and stars decorated the sky above them. It didn’t matter that she felt small and inadequate, all she could think about is how safe and capable He was. She began to sing a song she had known since childhood. “Oh how I love Jesus. Oh how I love Jesus. Oh, how I love Jesus, Because He first loved me!”

Before she knew it, they were at the dock and she got out of the boat with a renewed energy and peace. She left the dock and headed towards her house. She found her daughters asleep in their beds and gave them a kiss on the forehead. She went to sleep knowing that Jesus was in control of the storm.

In the morning, after the usual rush of making lunches and getting breakfast on the table, she dropped her daughters off at High School and headed to her Elementary School. As the students arrived at school, she gave them a hug and checked in with a few of them. Asking how their evening was and exchanging stories about the family dogs. She went about her day resting in the knowledge that ordinary is made extraordinary when living with gratitude for everyday occurrences.

After experiencing the storm, day to day events seemed quiet and almost boring, but she knew that another storm would come and she would need to be prepared. She smiled in gratitude knowing that she was stronger, less afraid and safe. 

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