Assessing the damage

She went through her day in a daze. She didn’t speak to many people and when she did it was like she was telling a story from someone else’s life. Making decisions was so hard. It took energy even to think clearly for a few minutes. A short while ago, she had endured the storm on the lake with Jesus. She had come out stronger and more prepared for whatever lay ahead, but she did love her comfort and looked forward to relaxing after “passing the test”. Then just when she began to feel normal again, the tornado had struck her house. She hadn’t even repaired the damage from the destruction when her daughter was brutally attacked.

How could he just walk in and take what wasn’t his? We had opened our home to him and invited him in as a family friend. The Daughter was vulnerable and looking for love. He said he loved her and would always take care of her. The Daughter needed to hear those words (don’t we all?) and she received the words like life. Before the Daughter knew it, he had taken her innocence and then turned on her and blamed her for all his faults. And they were many. He was hurt and she was full of love. The Daughter thought if she loved him enough, he would change. But the more she gave to him, the more violent he became. At first it was only words to make the Daughter feel less than, but soon it progressed to physical pushing. Now the Daughter lay on the hospital bed waiting for the busy doctors to come talk to her. 

She wanted to blame herself, but  she had always done everything she could to protect her daughter. Maybe there was something more she could have done, but she didn’t know what it was. There wasn’t enough time to learn everything she needed to know to be a good parent. Jesus promised to help her and walk with her. Where was he? Why hadn’t he protected her daughter? She wanted to be angry with His lack of provision, but she needed Him too much to risk isolating herself from Him. She needed to spend time with Him, but there were so many ‘things’ that needed to done immediately to save her home. She took His words with her, but just wasn’t able to carve out quiet time with Him. When she did take a few minutes to sit down, she fell asleep as exhaustion took over her body. In her anguish, she whispered, “Help me!” Suddenly, just as the waves of the storm had splashed over the boat and soaked her a few months before,  she was washed in a supernatural peace. Life as her little family had known it was forever changed, but they would survive and move on.

She gathered her daughter in her arms and they began to talk of dreams for the future.The loss was still too raw to talk about, but there was hope for healing. As they talked, the chains of fear dropped off and things that seemed impossible didn’t seem so overwhelming anymore. He tried to destroy them and they turned his angry energy into energy to create new dreams.They prayed that he would find peace and freedom from his fear and anger.

The roof of the house needed to be redone.The house had slipped on the foundation,but the foundation was solid. With help from the contractor, they repositioned the house on the foundation. There was a lot of minor repairs to be done on the inside, but remarkably there was no structural damage done to the interior. As they repaired the damage from the storm, they sang and talked about what the future would hold. Although it wasn’t clear, it was full of hope and excitement. They kept themselves busy with all the plastering and painting that needed to done.At night,they went to sleep exhausted but feeling rewarded for their efforts.They seldom spoke of the loss, but it was always on their minds.


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