Clearing the path

I had a rough start to my week. When I arrived home on Monday after a stretching day at school, all I wanted to do was relax with a cup of tea. The grader had gone by during the day and had left a three foot snow ridge at the end of my driveway.  I did not have the energy to shovel the driveway but I was unable to get my car into the garage and it needed to be done.

One of my daughters was going through anxiety  concerning the upcoming exam week. I knew I needed to be with her, but I had to get the driveway clear. I shoveled for 30 minute intervals , then I would go inside  to connect with my daughter. After I was warmed up, out I went again to  attack the ridge.

In the beginning, I was praying that Spring would come and melt the snow. I felt I needed an immediate miracle. When that prayer wasn’t answered, I got a little more desperate. I sent a text to a friend to pray with me. I was beginning to lose hope and was overwhelmed with the task. Her encouraging advice pointed me towards Anne Voskamp’s blog (If you are in a dark spot right now, you would be encouraged by her words.) God didn’t answer my prayer the way I hoped He would, but He gave me strength for the task and He gave me an encouraging friend to walk with me. I kept throwing  big snow blocks off to the side and after three hours of exercise, I had a clear path into my driveway.

As a  parent I feel overwhelmed by the task before me. It takes careful planning to meet the physical and emotional needs of my daughters, but its the spiritual needs that look so huge. As I threw each block of snow to the side, I was picturing myself throwing aside the schemes of the Enemy that work in my daughters lives. It feels like an enormous mountain but God loves them way more than I ever could and His plan is to bless them. I didn’t get the miracle of an early spring, but I did receive an amazing peace that God is leading me along the path toward Truth.

I am glad that not everyday is so challenging, but it is in the challenges that my relationship with Jesus is strengthened and I feel His love more powerfully. As I travel on the path of life, I want to be the kind of person who loves authentically and clears the path for those who walk behind me.

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