Confidence on the journey

“She has no right to tell me how to raise my child.” I had offended a parent of one of my students. I didn’t mean to offend, I had meant to help the child but regardless of my intention I had caused pain to the parent. I tried phoning him to resolve the misunderstanding but was not successful in making the connection. It left me feeling confused and shaken.

The real test came when I felt thrown under the bus by my supervisor. I already felt unsure of what I had said and to be questioned about my intent felt like an attack on my character. I strive for peace at all costs and my self-confidence wavered when I felt the conflict was beyond my control.

I had to ask myself – Is my confidence found in others changing opinions of me or is it grounded in the One to whom I belong? As long as my confidence is in others, I try to protect myself by blaming, putting myself and others down and with the gift of denial.  When my eyes are fixed on who I am as a creation of God, I give myself permission to make mistakes (which I do a lot), and I am able to grant myself grace. I am able to own my responsibility in the misunderstanding and I am able to accept  those whom I think have overreacted or misunderstood my intent.

As I travel along the path, I will meet those on my journey who shake my belief in myself. I want to be the kind of person who accepts these people as gifts who push me to take my eyes off myself and  look to the Truth. With my eyes on God,  I will have the confidence I need to journey on the path of life.



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