Day 2 – Prayer of Jabez

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Day 2- I prayed the prayer 1 Chronicles 4:10“ Oh that you would wonderfully bless me and help me in my work, please be with me in all that I do, and keep me from all evil and disaster!” And God granted him his request. (That is the wording from the Life Application Bible)

I woke up with a small headache. But I thought as I got moving it would disappear. However, that little headache hung on all day. I eventually took a pain killer and then I was so tired I almost fell asleep in my staff meeting. I finally got home at the end of the day and had a little rest. Then it was time to take care of my household. I went grocery shopping, ate some supper and taxied the girls home. While I ate my supper I listened to a message on the power of Jesus. He doesn’t want to make me a better me. He wants me to become like Him.

I had to admit I was disappointed in how my day turned out. I thought if I prayed for blessing. I would have a fabulous day. It was very ordinary and I couldn’t keep ahead of my headache.

Just before I went to sleep, I listened to a message about the Atheist Christian. That really struck a chord in my heart. I want to be like Jesus in my heart, but I am really willing to live in His power? It costs Jesus His life. Do I really want that radical of a christianity? I am blessed by the challenges of great people who are willing to speak the truth.

How was your first day of blessing? If you haven’t started the challenge yet, start today. Invite a friend. I know God is going to lead us into His purpose. Have a blessed day. Feel free to leave a comment.

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