Time to Rest

J is having a challenging start to her second semester. One of my “star” students had one good morning out of five. My toilet is still leaking. Now the kitchen taps started dripping. I have been battling a cold for most of the week. I am tired and have lost my focus. The path is rough and I keep tripping. I know I will reach my goal if I keep moving forward, but right now I just need to sit down. Have you ever had those times when you just have to stop and rest?

I decided to lay in bed an extra thirty minutes listening to the christian radio’s worship program. I just let the truth of who God is wash over me. Sometimes I go to church to watch people, but today I was just sitting and soaking in the presence of the Holy Spirit from the body of believers. As I opened my vulnerable soul, God reminded me that I did not have to feed the five thousand. Rather,  I need to be like the boy who offered his lunch and just give what I have.

Today I rest. Tomorrow I will continue on the path and now that I’ve spent some time with my Creator the obstacles in my path might not seem so huge and the path won’t be so lonely because I will walk knowing the Holy Spirit’s presence guides me on my journey.

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