Day 12 Prayer of Jabez

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Day 12 I prayed the prayer 1 Chronicles 4:10“ Oh that you would wonderfully bless me and help me in my work, please be with me in all that I do, and keep me from all evil and disaster!” And God granted him his request. (That is the wording from the Life Application Bible)

I found journal of our trip to the West coast ten years ago. It is amazing to see how God weaves threads of our lives together so whatever is happening in our lives for God’s purpose had it’s start many years ago. I met a friend in university many, many years ago. When my girls are young teens, we go to the West coast to visit her and her family.

During our travels, we stop to visit other friends along the way. We visit the West Edmonton mall and stop at Drumheller to experience the amusements and tourist attractions. We travel on the Rocky Mountaineer. We learn together as tourists.

We bond as a family. Sometimes through conflict. Sometimes through common interests and enjoyment.Sometimes by watching the hand of God protect our family and provide our needs. Like when the check engine light comes on while driving in the hills of Alberta. Like when I haven’t booked a hotel and all the rooms are full for that night. Like when my daughter cuts her finger with a carving knife.

Our experiences create in the girls a love for travel. They are confident in their skills to navigate Vancouver’s transit system.

They now have the travelling bug and aren’t satisfied unless they are planning a trip. The thread goes on. Sometimes splitting in different directions but always tying the whole picture together.

It could be coincidence, but I know my inadequacies and weakness. I know it is God’s hand blessing me.

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