The Perfect Valentine

“Are you excited?” “Yes, I sure am.”

He was hyper with excitement.He was planning a Valentine surprise for her. She was all giddy and excited by his efforts. She bought a new outfit so she would look the part of the girlfriend.

Theirs was a soft love. When he found her, she was in recovery. Most of her friends had moved on while she struggled with her demons. He had a few friends but had been wounded in love.When he saw her, he knew she was someone he wanted in his world. She never saw him because she was so deep in the lies she believed about herself.

As teenage boys will do, he began to play with her. Sometimes throwing a blanket over her head and running away. Sometimes stealing a bite of her lunch. Hopeful for a positive response. Finally after numerous attempts, he had her attention. Her focus shifted from her own issues and she began to see ways she could add to his life.

Young love. So beautiful. So innocent. 12742717_1269454326404882_148475486911023340_n

At first, she was cautious of her emotions. He was so fun loving and carefree. Soon she found herself enjoying his company and missing him when he was gone. He knew she was wounded and was afraid of hurting her more. But he was determined to win her love. At first, they only talked when they were in the safety of a friend circle. She watched him for flaws. He watched her wondering if she was like all the others.

Their friendship grew as each day they spent more and more time together. One day, he found the courage to ask her out to a movie. She felt special. She felt chosen. He felt as if he can conquered a mountain.

The lies she had so long believed about herself began to be replaced by truth. The truth scared her and sometimes she pushed him away. But he never faltered in his efforts to show her how he valued her.

He kept his eyes on her so he was ready to meet her needs. He took care of her when she was hurting. He carried her books. He ran for her lunch.

Gradually they began to trust each other and their relationship grew deeper. Even though they had only known each other for a month, they were jealous when others tried to take attention away from their relationship. They called each other pet names like “paper clips” and “sock monkey”. They saw each others flaws and were only more attracted to each other because of them. They discovered new things about themselves. Some characteristics they liked about themselves, at the same time they were motivated to change poor habits. Love has a way of pushing you toward your best self.

When she was in the room, she was the only person he noticed. When he left the room, she sat and stared at the exit he had gone out and waited for his return. When he returned she giggled with delight and ran to hug him. Such was the comfort and spontaneity of their love.

Her dreams were coming true.They were young and innocent and determined not to have secrets from each other so they spent hours on Facebook or texting. Within a very short time, they were very familiar with each other. Their vulnerability was refreshing to those around them. Now here they were 3 months later planning a fun time on this special day on the calendar.

Love is not rational. They knew they were setting themselves up for pain, but every minute of risk was worth it.

John 15:13 The Voice  There is no greater way to love than to give your life for your friends.

It doesn’t make any sense that God would send His son to live on this earth. It seems like a radical move to get our attention.

Jesus is not a teenage boy, but He wants a relationship with you. He wants to spend every minute with you. He always has you on his mind. He is always looking for ways to surprise you with his love. He will never force himself on you, but waits gently for you to invite Him into your plans. He understands that you have bruises and scars and He wants to bring healing to your hurt. He is jealous when you chose to give your affections to another and rejoices when you return to Him. He knows everything about you and loves it when you to tell Him all the details of your life. He longs for you to know Him and to want to spend time with Him.

Valentines Day is a reminder of the gift of love. Jesus is the perfect Valentine. His love never fails. He always believes in you. He is will never leave you.

I pray that you will experience His extreme love for you today. Happy Valentines Day.

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